Hello! I'm Ana Trejo, the author of My Language Story

but, Why did I decide to create this blog?

I am an immigrant, and every time I meet someone in the city I live, I ask how they got here. I love hearing the stories and learning how people get from where they were born to where they live now with all the twists and turns. In my personal life, I am surrounded by amazing, brave people who moved to a different culture and have extraordinary stories to share.

Professionally, I have always worked in the language industry and have been surrounded by remarkable stories of people moving to other places for a summer or a lifetime. I have had the pleasure of meeting amazing people with the most incredible stories. I want to share the personal stories of the fantastic people around me.

In a world where finding what divides us is so easy, I want to tell these stories to see each other as humans and help us find and see what connects us. Before we were CEOs, VPs, Directors, teachers, students, friends, and immigrants, we were all human with unique experiences to share. Let’s find what connects us and grow together.